Then and now...

There is no doubt the walls and halls of the Mission San Juan Capistrano has seen its share of history. Hundreds of years and thousands of people have walked through its historic archways and posed for pictures throughout the grounds. If only those walls could talk.

One story they would definitely tell is about a little family and the life and love that started there. Down the same halls 8 short years ago, the Haralson's got married and started a life together. Since then, their love and family has grown with the addition of two precious babes. It was my joy to be able to photograph their family and update their family portraits. The Mission is not only one of my favorite locations to photograph, it is one of my favorite places simply to be in all of South Orange County.

Rachel was kind enough to share these images with me so we can all take a trip down the memory lane as we (intentionally, yet completely unintentionally) recreated a bunch of photos from their wedding day. I can't help but share how special it is to see them side by side. I hope they continue this tradition of photos for years to come!

I also have to share with you a few more from the shoot. They are so precious! Here are a few more of my favorites. :)

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