Seniors, the real MVP's

I really enjoy working with Seniors. It is such a fun time in their lives and it shows in the photos. They are confident, excited about the future, and bring so much personality to the shoot. Even a shy introvert shines in the photos.

This pandemic year has brought on a fair bit of challenges to these young teens. They have had to roll with the punches as proms have been canceled and graduation ceremonies. There are so many traditions that are not "pandemic friendly". It breaks my heart for all of the things they have missed out on.

That is why I think it so important, now more than ever, to showcase them and spend the time on a full senior session. Graduates from college are now taking the time to document this once-in-a-lifetime achievement in their lives too!

Why is a full session so important? They deserve this moment of recognition. It also gives them time to warm up and let loose. Their true personalities can shine through once we have gotten through the initial 15-20 minutes of awkwardness. Everyone feels awkward at the beginning of a shoot but as the conversation goes on, they start laughing and letting their guard down. That is when I get into the real meat of the photoshoot. Time usually flies by and at the end of the session when I ask, "now that wasn't too painful was it?" I am always told "No! I had fun."

Here are a few quick tips for your senior session:

- Arrive on time. Lighting is usually very important and the light can change dramatically very quickly. The time frame selected is for the optimal light so if you are getting your hair and makeup done, be sure to allow plenty of time.

- Don't wear your favorite outfit to the shoot. Wear your second favorite. Or, if you have one dressy look and one casual, start with the casual. As we warm-up, you can change into your favorite outfit because that is when the images will probably be the best. I suggest 1-2 outfits max.

- Supplies to bring. A jacket in case it gets cold, hairbrush and hairspray, powder, face blotting papers, lipstick.

- Props are welcome! Sports items, your method of transportation, your favorite sneakers or accessories, cap, and gown, just to name a few. I am open to it all and it usually adds fun elements to the shoot.

- Don't be nervous. I promise we will have a great time!

Also, any senior session booked this week gets $50 off. This will be the lowest price of the season and I am quickly filling up!

Here are a few samples of some of my recent and favorite senior moments...

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