How to make a collage wall

I have always wanted a collage wall. I wanted one for my personal family photos as well as one of my professional photos for inspiration. Last year, we decided to paint the entire interior of our home and finally put our own design and stamp on it. We had a little professional help putting it together so I thought I would share my experience and what I learned about creating it to maybe inspire and help you with your own collage.

I decided on a mixed medium collage meaning all of the frames, textures, and prints are different. I added some canvas prints and even our initials. I also had our vows typed up and put on canvas too.

We went to the store, "At Home" which is absolutely fabulous for frames. The designer I worked with showed me what to look for and how to rule out cheap looking frames. We just bought a large handful of what we were drawn to and loved and planned on returning what we didn’t use which ended up not being very much.

Second, we went home and laid all of the frames out on the floor, and started arranging. We made sure not to stick with traditional lines and made the frames offset from one another so nothing was perfectly in line. You could quickly start to see the collage starting to take form. We made sure all of the frames we used were ones we really loved and kept the colors broken up as we arranged them. I am pretty sure we measured the total length of the wall area we wanted to work with before we started laying it all out too using a tape measure because you don’t want it too long or short.

Third, we took a picture of our final collage on the ground and grabbed the tacks. This was actually my little addition. I hate making big holes and learned years ago to either use 3m Velcro tape to hang stuff or a small tack to hang your frame on first and then nail the final nail in after you are 100% sure that is where you want it.

Slowly, we started assembling it similar to what we laid on the floor starting from the left and working right. You also want to make sure you don’t hang it too high. Generally, your eye should look into the center of the collage for the average height person.

Since it was just held up using tacks, it is still easy to move things around if need be. We also used a touch of museum putty in a few corners of the frame to complete the final look and then you don't have to worry about straightening them constantly.

The very last thing I did was order prints. Now since my collage was assembled I know going forward the exact size I need to order and this collage can grow and change as our family grows and changes. The canvas prints will probably be up for a lot longer so make sure those are ones you know you are going to want up for years to come.

When I deliver your client gallery, I have an option of standard "Lustre" prints or "Fine Art Prints" so you can quickly and easily order prints that ship directly to your home from your gallery to hang on your collage wall after every session. This is the best way I have found to keep the photos current at the most inexpensive price. Prices currently range from $4.99 for a 4x6 to $29.99 for a Fine Art 11x14. Shipping is currently $8.50 (prices as of December 2020 and are subject to change depending on the size of your print order).

I hope that helps you build the collage wall you've always wanted too! And, please feel free share your printed photos or collage walls. I love to see your recent sessions printed and being enjoyed. That makes my heart so happy!

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