Client Gallery Download Instructions - Mini Session

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

It is Mini-session Season once again!

Since I am servicing so many families in such a short period of time, I figured a few tutorials might be helpful in case you have any questions or issues downloading your photos.

This tutorial is for Mini Sessions only which offers a select amount of images included in your session and if you love the rest (which I hope you do) you can purchase more or even have prints or gifts made which ship directly to you from your gallery!

  1. Click the Gallery link in the email using a home computer or laptop. I suggest using a computer but you can use a smartphone or tablet.

  2. Enter the Gallery using the email address the gallery was emailed to (this is very important!)

  3. Select the Download Icon on the image you would like to download.

  4. If saving on an iPhone or tablet, images might be in order by date taken so please scroll to your photos around the date of the photoshoot.

  5. Once you have downloaded your allotted image amount, additional images can be purchased by selecting "Buy Photo" in the top right of an image.

  6. Look across the top for "Digital Media" to purchase a single image or the entire gallery.

  7. Print releases will be emailed.

If you have purchased the entire gallery an email will be mailed to you containing one or two .zip files. Download each file and "extract all". Images must be extracted on a PC but MAC users might not have this step (sorry, I only have a PC). Images might not be in exact order so please compile them into one folder before checking for all images.

If you have any questions or issues feel free to reach out!

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