Beauty in the Chaos

A client recently said to me, "You have the magic touch, girl! In all of that chaos (at the photoshoot) you captured so much happiness. Thank you for doing what you do!"

She is a mom of two very little ones and SO MANY TIMES after photoshoots with toddlers mom's feel the need to apologize to me and/or say, "I hope you got a few good shots in there" and all the while I know I probably got at least 50! Also, let's not forget, I have two little ones of my own so I know EXACTLY how things go down. I literally do this every day and trust me, photoshoots with the under 5-year-old crowd usually are very hectic for everyone!

I do have a few tricks up my sleeve and try to work little ones into poses that have movement or just feel like we are having fun and encourage natural laughs and giggles but trust me when I tell you, those little beautiful moments of happiness are all there happening every day, every minute, and even in the chaos. I just find them, seize them, and document them forever and if you stop and look for them, you will see them too!

It isn't that I am a magician, but the real magic might be the fact that they are there and my eye can see it and capture it. After all, I am Amy Captures Love for a reason. It is my #1 goal! ;-)

So let's make it our goal this week to stop and even in the crazy moments, take a breath, and find the happiness, the beauty, and the love, even in the chaos. I think that is one key to truly slowing down time and enjoying the journey through life too. The years go fast and if we don't stop and pause on these sweet moments, they will be gone and change in a heartbeat. Even with two sick kids this week, I am going to make it my goal, you should join me!

Here are a "few" photos from our recent Mother's Day, Spring Mini's 2021. Sorry but there are just too many I adore. You'll see why. So many cuties! Enjoy, until next time!

Props Rentals: @sweetpearentals

Florals: @magnoliasageevents

Styling and Photography by me: @amycaptureslove

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