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I thought it would be fun to start a new project called #aroundmyhome. Since we are spending so much time in our four walls lately, I wanted to highlight some items in my home that mean a lot to me.

The first one is pretty obvious. The camera in the middle, the Minolta SRT-101 was my first "real" camera. It was an old crime scene camera that my dad rescued from the dumpster (he was a detective at the time) and it worked great and still does to this day! My dad gave me a quick crash course and taught me how to use it and it was love at first roll. I photographed things around my house (hey, kind of like this project) and they actually weren't half bad! I went on to take almost every photography class my junior college offered.

The camera on the left was my Opa's (my dad's father's) camera. He was an amateur photographer who loved traveling the world and taking his camera everywhere he went. I recently spent a lot of time scanning and editing his slide film he took on his travels and reliving them through the images. What gems they are! My dad told me this camera in particular, might have been one he dropped in a river while traveling through the Amazon. I tried to get it repaired but it never quite worked properly so it now sits on a shelf in my office where I can see it and remember him. I guess you could say photography is undeniably in my genes and maybe that is why I love it so much.

The camera on the right is a Nikon F3. A beautiful camera that is one of Nikon's most popular. They manufactured it for many, many years. It is also one I am "borrowing" from my dad (see a pattern here? haha) and one of my favorites to shoot. My dad has a ton of cameras so I have been known to grab a few here and there on my trips back home. Also, not pictured, is my Contax 645n a gorgeous medium format camera that is truly a beauty. No matter what though, I always come back to my 35's. They are what started me on this path, what I learned on, and my first love. I am thankful for that first roll of film, the crash course from my dad, the teachers along the way who taught me, and for all of the inspiration to keep shooting still to this day.

What are some items around your house you cherish? I will be talking about a few more in posts to come on Instagram so be sure to follow and like my posts there!


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