The joy and comfort of your home

This sweet, little newborn session was one I just couldn't pass up blogging. The details, light, and their beautiful home was the icing on the cake for precious little Thea's session.

Often times I hear, "my house isn't photo ready." And, I get it. I have had a newborn and I totally understand how crazy it is those first few days and weeks. Sometimes just a simple mirror reflection on a wall, a rug, or some bright window light goes a long way.

I am also here to make sure we get the right angles, shift anything that needs shifting, and give your home the warmest and brightest look, even on a cloudy day. Because, you would never believe it but, this session was completely clouded over with June gloom. Thanks to some handy light wizardry and trickery, we made it look like a warm summer day for this babe and her family.

I am sure they will look back on these photos and feel the joy and love for years to come.

P.S. - And, hello, how could I forget, PUPPY LOVE! I might've taken half of the session for doggy photos but how could I not!? Luckily, I am a total dog, cat, hamster, whatever you got kind of a person and I am always happy to include your fuzzy first born's in the shoot. ;-)

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