My journey as a photographer.

1 year ago sometime last week, I officially began pursuing my photography business full time. I left my 9 year career in logistics where I worked in a male driven corporate environment, and I started working for myself while also taking care of my baby boy. I knew one thing was for sure, this was my shot (no pun intended haha!), this was my time to give this dream of mine a go and see if I could take it all the way and make it profitable. I set up some milestone goals, and the real hustle began.

But first, let me give you a little more detail and the back story about me. :)

I have always loved photography. My first camera came to me from my dad who had some old crime scene cameras in the garage that the police department had retired and he picked up (he was a detective at the time). It was a Minolta SR-101, classic silver and black, with a 50mm lens that had a nice ding on the ring when it had inevitably been dropped (I still have it of course and it works like a champ). He gave me brief tutorial, a roll of film, and I was on my way. My first roll actually wasn't that bad! I was so proud of it.

I went on to take every single class (except color development) my junior college had to offer. As much as I loved photography, I decided to major in Communication and get my Bachelors Degree from a Cal State University near my hometown in Northern California.

After college at the age of 24, I packed up everything I could fit in a rental van, and made my new home all by myself in Southern California. I went to work in the corporate world and continued to shoot film on the side. I shot film for 10 years before getting my first digital camera in 2009 which was an entry level Nikon D40 for $300 at a pawn shop in Huntington Beach. Friends saw my work with my new digital camera and started saying, "Hey, can you take this for me?" or I would ask if I could practice on them for free because I had such a passion for it and I loved to find new outlets and real people besides my dogs to shoot. I remember the day clearly when God put it on my heart and I realized this was much more than a hobby. I truly loved anything and everything photography related and poured so much of my heart into my work, even the shoots I did for free, a piece of me was with every single shot. The rest really is history, and Amy Captures Love was born in 2011.

I am so thankful for my husband who has been such a support (in many more ways than one) on this journey. He is my biggest fan (second to my mom and grandma haha), and I love that he shares the same passion for it that I do. I really wouldn't be here without him and the support, love, and encouragement from my family.

At the one year mark, thanks to YOU, my wonderful, faithful, and generous clients, I HAVE MET MY MILESTONES! I am exactly where I had hopped, planned, and prayed I would be at the one year mark. I could NOT have done it without you. For those who believed in me, and trusted me with their special days, their babies, and memories, I thank you. For those who have told their friends and families about me, I thank you. Because of YOU, I get to spend my days with my little guy, and my nights editing your beautiful pictures. Haha! I get to pursue my dream while taking care of my family, and THAT is wonderful thing.

Here's to one year down and hopefully many more to come and here is to YOU!

Love always,

Amy Captures Love


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