Cake Smash Sessions!

Over the last month I have been very busy with so many cute little one year olds! The milestone cake smash 12 month session is one every parent looks forward to. Their little baby is tasting sugar (in most cases) for the first time, and they are starting to show their independence with crawling or walking. For me, these sessions are usually a piece of cake (haha!) because a simple game of peek-a-boo or raspberry sounds are enough to get some giggles or at least maybe some inquisitive stares out of them. The 1 year old crowd is easy, but 2 year old's on the other hand...oy vey! That's probably why we don't to 2 year milestone pictures because they would all be of them pouting, having a fit, or running away. ha!

I wanted to share some pictures from my recent sessions but also add some ideas and tips for future clients and moms who are excited to capture this fun time for their kiddos.

1. Some kids HATE cake. Like seriously, seriously, despise it and want nothing to do with it. Some cry, some take some bribing (bringing cheerios to a session is always a good idea but in this case can encourage the little ones to put something they recognize in their mouth. It works!), and some never get past "what is this sticky stuff on my hands" faze. And that is okay! It is important to set expectations accordingly and as we all try our best to make it a joyful experience, and turn their frowns upside-down, it just might not be for them.

2. A high-chair actually works better than sitting on the ground. We have all seen the amazing pinterest sessions where the kid is covered in cake and loving it while they sit on the ground in a huge pile of mess. It is adorable BUT when else do we let our kids eat off of the ground? My little guy rarely does and so for his cake smash it actually was easiest to put him in his good old faithful IKEA high-chair. Not the most glamorous I know, but it was easy clean up, and recognized this is where he is supposed to eat. He loved it!

3. Props or no props? That really is the question I get asked the most. I am here to help out as little or as much as you want. I have available a props package that includes a colorful vintage high-chair, crate, banners, and tub (pictured above) that clients can rent from me. I also am totally game for your vision and what you would like to include. Sometimes less is more, but cute little accessories do go a long way.

4. The cake. Honestly, don't spend a fortune on it. I have seen some darling homemade cakes that work just fine and it will literally be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Fun tip I learned from a client, Albertson's gives a free cake smash cake when you order a full size cake from them. So, if you have the session planned on or around the first birthday party, this can come in really handy. (They might even let you pick them up on different dates, I am not sure). Also, Stater Bro's has premade mini cakes for $5! I have even heard of some clients doing a test run homemade cake and seeing if their baby is going to like it before the session date. Brilliant!

5. Portraits are included! I always include a portrait session before the cake smash of the little one so you are guaranteed some sweet smiling pictures before hand (even if the rest of the session doesn't go quite as planned). I am also happy to include immediate family in a shot or two, so win win all around.

So let's do it! Cruise on over to check out my availability for a Single Portrait Session and book me directly now for your little ones next milestone.

Sweet John

Cutie Pie George

Adorable Malorie

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