Congrats Graduates!

This week, many local High School and College graduates will take steps across the stage and accept their diplomas for all of their hard work. Congrats to all of you and keep rockin! You never know who you are inspiring, so keep working hard and striving for the next goal in life.

No one knows how true that is like my client, Melanie. She has worked so hard while raising her beautiful little girl to finish her Bachelors Degree at California State University, Fullerton.

During the photoshoot we snapped a picture of her daughter in her cap a few times and I couldn't help but to flash forward in my mind that one day, she will be old enough to graduate college, and might be standing in this exact same spot thanks to the sacrifice and hard work her mom has shown her. What an inspiration?

I hope I am around to see that day. And hey, maybe even get the chance to photograph her on her graduation too. ;-)

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