The journey to twins

A few months ago, I met up with Heather and Mike for their maternity shoot at Irvine Regional Park. I learned of their incredible journey over the last few years as they persevered to get to where they were that day. Science is amazing, and I learned that their two little miracles were once outside in the world and they got to see the embryos before receiving in vetro fertilization. Wow! I didn't know they did that. How amazing is that!?! They even had pictures of them as embryos. Mind. Blown!

We had a wonderful shoot. Here are some of my favorites:

Fast forward a few short (but I am sure very long months to Heather haha!) and those two little embryos grew beautifully and perfectly in their mothers womb and are now healthy, happy, and fairly large for twins! Last week, their little boy and sweet girl were born right on time, weighing in 6lbs 11.2oz and 7lbs 2.5oz. Both 19 inches long. What blessings! Here is my favorite picture of them as embryos framed above them and now as beautiful babe's in the world again!

Isn't that precious? I just can't get over how amazing and miraculous their journey has TWINS! I am looking forward to watching them grow up.

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