How I became the "family archivist"

My Oma, Eiffel Tower, 1957

This is a picture of my grandmother (we called her "Oma") standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in 1957. She was on her honeymoon with my grandfather. A few years ago, I was given boxes and boxes of slides from my dad that my grandfather took. Since they have all sadly passed away, it was like I was getting to know them all over again as I went through the images. I grew more and more fascinated about my family history as I breathed new life into the images that would have been long forgotten. This is what turned me into the official "family archivist". I want to help you preserve your beautiful family memories too! On my next post I will go into detail... stay tuned. (The other pictures below are my grandparents on their wedding day and my dad's baptism. Germany 1957.)

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