A new little bundle

There is nothing more precious than those first few weeks home with your new little bundle of love. There is also something weird that starts to happen to time the moment you walk through the door with that newborn baby. It starts to fly by!

This new little girl is exactly 364 days younger than my little dude, and it feels like just 3 months ago he was this little. The nursery lighting was so yummy and so was this little doll and her family (even her 4-legged sister got in on the fun).

The biggest reason why Fresh-48 or Newborn home sessions are sooo important is because the time really does pass in the blink of an eye. Maybe it is the lack of sleep, or just the crazy speed at which these little ones grow, but don't let the moments pass without a photoshoot.

I am willing to work with your budget and availability to make sure these precious moments get captured.

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